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Sample card in English – How to Approach Energy Repairs

Oulu Building Supervision Office has created this website, Energiakorjaus.info, to provide unbiased information about renovations to homeowners. The goal is to provide information on planning a renovation process, how homeowner should proceed with renovations, more detailed information about renovation actions and maybe most importantly on how to take into consideration the energy aspect of renovations.

The web site is divided into two sections, single family homes and apartment buildings. From the menu on the left you can choose the single family home section. Apartment building material is still being created and will be published on a later date.

The menu on the right offers links to rules and regulations, guides and information elsewhere in the Internet to help you plan your renovation.

The objective of this site is to help someone wanting to renovate their home. Many of those people have no idea where to start from and the building supervision office in Oulu wants to help.  Also one of the major ideas is to show how you can merge energy aspects to your renovations; it is often very profitable to better the energy efficiency of your house while doing other renovations.

Target group for this website is single family homeowners and eventually when the apartment building section is done, apartment owners, apartment board members and apartment managers. Maybe even some construction professionals can benefit from this site. Our information “cards” are one aid in order to understand how to better your home’s energy efficiency.

This project is funded by the Oulu Building Supervision Office and the Ministry of the Environment. The project is being carried out by the Oulu Building Supervision Office. At the first stage the project is concentrating on single family homes, then apartment building and later on other buildings.

The goal is to produce simple and clear instructions to achieve successful energy renovations. The website or the “cards” are not intended to be a perfect and complete guide to how to realize a renovation, they are one tool to get to a good result.